What's Farming Got To Do With Gulf Hypoxia?

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An America's Conservation Ag Movement Experience

2021 Our Mississippi Conservation Ag Webinar Series

Did you know the Mississippi River drains all or part of 31 U.S. states, serving as a key export channel for many commodities that farmers grow and raise? Protecting this vital resource has never been more important.

You’re invited to join a timely conversation about the environmental and economic connections between farming and the Gulf of Mexico in our free webinar: What’s Farming Got To Do With Gulf Hypoxia?

Learn how your on-farm agronomic and conservation decisions can help your business, your community and the U.S. industry as we explore topics including:
- Nutrient management, conservation agriculture and their environmental impact on the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico

- The positive economic impact a clean Mississippi and healthy Gulf have on a resilient rural America
- Advice and information on practical steps to take action today
- Free workbooks and other resources from America’s Conservation Ag Movement and USDA’s NRCS

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