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As a farmer or rancher, you seek to leave the land in better shape than you found it. You rarely get credit for the conservation investments you have made. Yet you continue to search for new information and insights to help sustain and even grow your business, lower your environmental footprint and preserve your operation’s legacy for the next generation.

That’s where we hope this resource stewardship planning guide comes in. The planning process — starting small but knowing where you’re going — is the bedrock of a farm’s commitment to soil and water conservation. Everything in this guide is focused on providing a path to address a problem or helping you make progress on a goal — whether that involves cropland, associated agricultural land, pasture or livestock facilities. This guide will help you gather your thoughts and information to advance your conservation efforts one step at a time.

In short, we hope each page answers the questions: “What’s in it for me and my farm? How does conservation ag add value to me?”

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