Free Farmer Resource Guides From America's Conservation Ag Movement

Resource Guides To Achieve Your Farm's Conservation Goals

Farmers are the best stewards of U.S. natural resources including soil, water and wildlife habitat. Yet to be a competitive farm business in the 21st century requires a focus on meeting the market and taking the next step on your conservation journey. Doing so can help your bottom line, create stronger relationships with buyers and position the next generation for long-term business success.

To get started, Farm Journal invites you to download its series of free resource guide in PDF format, developed as part of the America's Conservation Ag Movement program. They provide practical strategies, real farmer case studies and outside resources that can help you take stock of your stewardship and explore what's next.

Here's a bit about each. Ready to get started? Simply fill out the form on this page to get your free Resource Stewardship Planning Guide and Soil Health Stewardship Guide.

RESOURCE STEWARDSHIP PLANNING GUIDE: Everything in the Resource Stewardship Planning Guide is focused on providing a path to address a problem or helping you make progress on a goal — whether that involves cropland, associated agricultural land, pasture or livestock facilities. This guide will help you gather your thoughts and information to advance your conservation efforts one step at a time.

SOIL HEALTH STEWARDSHIP GUIDE: Once you understand conservation fundamentals, the Soil Health Stewardship Guide is a great next step. You can see, touch and watch soil as it changes with the adoption of best practices. Have you ever taken a good look at the health of your soils — given each field a checkup? No matter where you stand in your journey, you can apply learnings from this guide to up your soil health game.

WATER QUALITY STEWARDSHIP GUIDE: The Water Quality Stewardship Guide is designed to make a complex and controversial subject accessible. Learn more about using a water-quality lens to maintain productivity and the steps you can take to be a good neighbor and reduce damage to waterways. Fellow farmers chime in to share how they own water quality as something that matters to their business and legacy.